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1. Strategic Meeting Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene

August 05, 2017
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 /  by Jochen Schmid

On Thursday, 6/22/2017, the 1st Strategic Meeting of the German Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene was hold in Berlin as part of the German Start-up Association with friendly support from Covestro and Henkel

CASCAT participated to create the future of the German chemical start-up scene and to be part of fundamental decisions in this field.

Start-ups are highly skilled micro units of experts who made in general a spin-off of a research institute. Start-ups are existential to act very agile, flexible, and adjustable to changes. Moreover, we have seen in other industries that start-ups are an adequate tool to bring scientific findings into industry and therefor, overcome the gap between science and market. A strong chemical start-up scene will be essential to secure the industries’ as well as society’s needs to sustainable innovations in a global competing and changing market. To boost the development of the chemical start-up scene, start-ups from the whole federal republic followed the invitation of the German Start-up Association. Together with a representative of Covestro, they worked on a strategic outlook and planned shared activities.

The most promising actions to strengthen the scene were derived that aim at the following goals:

1. Motivate students/ PhDs breadthways to found new start-ups (in collaboration with GDCh and DECHEMA)

2. Extend Chemistry4Innovation networking platform: – for getting early industry feedback; – solving technical challenges; – technical exchange between start-ups and corporations

3. Inform new investors of the huge, untapped opportunities of chemical start-ups and build an exclusive space to get in contact with this new scene

4. Facilitate and accelerate doing business with start-ups by implementing certain standard contracts of cooperation (NDA, handling IP, etc.)

5. Create a secured online platform for exchange and mutual support of business as well as learnings and key findings

6. Build a network with SME

7. Promote the digitalization in chemical industry by creating a digital chemistry subgroup


We are proud to participate in the German chemistry start-up scene and are looking forward what we will mutually reach in the near future!


More information is available by the following link.

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First own products available!

March 03, 2017
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 /  by Jochen Schmid

CASCAT provides a permanently increasing portfolio of basic and fine-chemicals.

Our ultra-pure products can be used for chemical synthesis in the chemical, pharmaceutical sector as well as in consumer goods or as analytical standards. The production is based on our in-house chemo-enzymatic reaction cascades and can be individually customized towards purity and concentrations.

With our phosphorylated carbohydrate molecules we start our own product portfolio which will be permanently expanded. For questions concerning prices, available quantities and purities as well as further tailor made chemicals please contact:

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Gunter Festel joins CASCAT GmbH as shareholder and non-executive director

July 29, 2016
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 /  by Jochen Schmid

Gunter Festel joins CASCAT as shareholder and non-executive director to bring in his network within the biotechnology industry and financing community.

The engagement of Gunter Festel as shareholder and non-executive director strengthens the business development activities and supports future financing rounds of CASCAT. As a Founding Angel, Gunter Festel, a successful entrepreneur, has co-founded more than 10 biotechnology companies in Germany and Switzerland. He was CEO of Butalco which was sold to the French company Lesaffre in 2014. Butalco’s technology for the production of biofuels and biochemicals enables the use of waste material and thus helps towards solving the “food vs. fuel” dilemma.

Gunter Festel will bring in his long time experience of entrepreneurship and will strengthen the business development of CASCAT by his exclusive network. His confidence in the strategic approach of CASCAT underpins the chance of future achievement to realize a biobased economy by novel, synthetic process routes. We are looking forward to a succesful partnership with projects setting new benchmarks.

Festel Press Release CASCAT

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