1. Strategic Meeting Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene

August 05, 2017
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 /  by Jochen Schmid

On Thursday, 6/22/2017, the 1st Strategic Meeting of the German Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene was hold in Berlin as part of the German Start-up Association with friendly support from Covestro and Henkel

CASCAT participated to create the future of the German chemical start-up scene and to be part of fundamental decisions in this field.

Start-ups are highly skilled micro units of experts who made in general a spin-off of a research institute. Start-ups are existential to act very agile, flexible, and adjustable to changes. Moreover, we have seen in other industries that start-ups are an adequate tool to bring scientific findings into industry and therefor, overcome the gap between science and market. A strong chemical start-up scene will be essential to secure the industries’ as well as society’s needs to sustainable innovations in a global competing and changing market. To boost the development of the chemical start-up scene, start-ups from the whole federal republic followed the invitation of the German Start-up Association. Together with a representative of Covestro, they worked on a strategic outlook and planned shared activities.

The most promising actions to strengthen the scene were derived that aim at the following goals:

1. Motivate students/ PhDs breadthways to found new start-ups (in collaboration with GDCh and DECHEMA)

2. Extend Chemistry4Innovation networking platform: – for getting early industry feedback; – solving technical challenges; – technical exchange between start-ups and corporations

3. Inform new investors of the huge, untapped opportunities of chemical start-ups and build an exclusive space to get in contact with this new scene

4. Facilitate and accelerate doing business with start-ups by implementing certain standard contracts of cooperation (NDA, handling IP, etc.)

5. Create a secured online platform for exchange and mutual support of business as well as learnings and key findings

6. Build a network with SME

7. Promote the digitalization in chemical industry by creating a digital chemistry subgroup


We are proud to participate in the German chemistry start-up scene and are looking forward what we will mutually reach in the near future!


More information is available by the following link.

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