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Start of DECADES

    The launch event for the DECADES research project took place at Leibniz Universität Hannover between March 8 – 10.

    The choice of solvents – as reaction media and for downstream processing – defines the overall sustainability of chemical transformations. So far, (bio)catalysis has traditionally relied on either aqueous- or classical organic media, or biphasic systems thereof. Selection of solvents has usually implied a case-by-case assessment for every system and step (reaction or purification), leading to several scientific and technological challenges untouched or unsolved. In this respect, Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) have been coined as ‘the solvents of the 21st century’. In a nutshell, DESs’ assets are based on the often biogenic origin of the components, and their properties such as melting points below room temperature, low volatility, high thermal stability, tuneable properties depending on their components, biodegradability, large availability at acceptable costs, and straightforward preparation.

    DECADES seeks to become an inspirational lighthouse for the use of DESs as highly advantageous solvents to improve the sustainability of biotechnological processes. With a training focused on scientific excellence, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, DECADES aims for a solid employability of its PhD graduates as future technology leaders for a sustainable bioeconomy.

    Funded by the European Union.
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