• The development and implementation of chemo-enzymatic cascade reactions for innovative process routes of industrial scale. The reduced amount of necessary biocatalysts is realized by the use of e.g. promiscuous enzymes to drastically reduce the synthesis pathways and simultaneously obtain highest yields to enable the production of biobased chemicals. In close cooperation with our partners and customers we develop tailor made processes for specialties, fine chemicals as well as bulk chemical building blocks. Most important point of view is sustainability and cost efficiency based on biomass substrates.

Lecture at the German Biotechnology Days 2019

1. May 2019
Under the theme: Enzymes – Nothing works without them, represented André, CASCAT in a lecture series at the German Biotechnology Days 2019 at the 10th of April in Würzburg. Together with the companies C-Lecta (Marc Struhalla) and Novozyems (Klaus Pellengahr), as well as Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Seibel (University of Würzburg) the experts presented and […]

Economy Minister Aiwanger visits Straubing-Sand harbor

20. January 2019
During a conclave in Straubing, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Hubert Aiwanger visited the port of Straubing-Sand and our laboratories to see for himself the solutions to the challenges of climate change and a changing raw material base. Together with MdL and chairman of the Budgets Committee in the state parliament, […]

1. Strategic Meeting Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene

5. August 2017
On Thursday, 6/22/2017, the 1st Strategic Meeting of the German Chemie(-wende) Start-up Scene was hold in Berlin as part of the German Start-up Association with friendly support from Covestro and Henkel CASCAT participated to create the future of the German chemical start-up scene and to be part of fundamental decisions in this field. Start-ups are highly skilled micro units […]

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