• The development and implementation of chemo-enzymatic cascade reactions for innovative process routes of industrial scale. The reduced amount of necessary biocatalysts is realized by the use of e.g. promiscuous enzymes to drastically reduce the synthesis pathways and simultaneously obtain highest yields to enable the production of biobased chemicals. In close cooperation with our partners and customers we develop tailor made processes for specialties, fine chemicals as well as bulk chemical building blocks. Most important point of view is sustainability and cost efficiency based on biomass substrates.

INTERfaces – heterogeneous biocatalytic reaction cascades

16. June 2020
INTERfaces wächst und gedeiht! Das erste professionelle Video ist fertig und zeigt auf höchst sympathische sowie beeindruckende Art und Weise den innovativen und nachhaltigen Ansatz des Projektes. Wir als CASCAT sind besonders stolz auf dieses Video, da es genau unsere Firmen-Philosophie der nachhaltigen Biokatalyse im industriellen Maßstab aufzeigt. Wir freuen uns Teil dieses Projektes zu […]

Future. Bioeconomy. Bavaria.

7. March 2020
At the 5th of March 2020 the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger gave the go-ahead at the Herzogsschloss in Straubing for the development of a Bavarian bioeconomy strategy. This opening congress as organized by Bayern Innovativ was a big success and the perfect platform to network with known and new players in the field […]

Canada meets Straubing

7. March 2020
Based on the “Canadian bioeconomy cooperative research and development partnering mission to Germany” we welcomed today several guest from one of the largest countries in Straubing. A delegation, consisting of business representatives and academia is travelling one week in Germany to meet promising and important partners in the field of bioeconomy. Therefore, Straubing was a […]

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